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Physical exams are vital to your health and fitness if you’re an athlete. At Genesis Health and Beauty Bar in Daphne, Alabama, Brittany Aguirre, DO, performs personalized sports physicals for athletes at all levels, from school-aged to professional players. Call the office or schedule a sports physical online to learn more today.

Sports Physical Q&A

What are sports physicals?

A sports physical, also called a preparticipation physical examination (PPE), is a comprehensive exam you may need before participating in certain sports. 

Whether you play for a competitive team or your child is enrolling in school sports, these exams can protect an athlete’s overall health and prevent injury. You should make sure and bring the required forms to complete with you to your sports physical exam. Dr. Aguirre performs head-to-toe physical exams for all ages.

How are sports physicals different from annual physicals?

While sports and annual physicals share many similarities, they have a few key differences. An annual physical assesses your overall health, regardless of your athletic abilities. These routine visits aim to help you maintain your health as you age. After an annual physical, Dr. Aguirre may recommend specific lifestyle changes, medications, and lab work to keep you healthy.

A sports physical focuses on your health and fitness when participating in sports. The goal is to prevent injury and address any health concerns that might interfere with your ability to play safely. 

What happens during sports physicals?

The beginning of a sports physical is similar to your annual exam. First, Dr. Aguirre checks your height and weight before recording your vitals (temperature, respiration rate, and blood pressure). Next, she reviews your medical and family history.

Before performing your physical exam, Dr. Aguirre asks about your diet, lifestyle, and activity level. These questions help her gauge your health and fitness, allowing her to provide personalized support and guidance.

The physical is a complete screening. After looking inside your ears, nose, and throat, Dr. Aguirre listens to your heart and lungs. She also palpates (touches) your abdomen to ensure the correct organ size and placement.

Finally, Dr. Aguirre tests your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. She may also perform a vision and hearing screening.

What are the benefits of sports physicals?

Sports physicals offer many advantages for athletes at all levels. They can:

  • Prevent musculoskeletal injuries
  • Reduce the risk of complications from medical conditions (asthma, allergies, and more)
  • Monitor ongoing health concerns
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Detect underlying conditions

Dr. Aguirre can also track your progress if she detects an underlying health concern, such as shortness of breath, weight gain or loss, or high blood pressure.

Sports physicals can help keep you safe and healthy during play. To receive an exam, call Genesis Health and Beauty Bar or schedule an appointment online today.