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Laser services offered in Daphne, AL

Lasers have been used for years in the aesthetic field for various purposes. Most people know them to be mainly used for hair removal, but they can be used for pigment issues and acne scarring too. Here at Genesis Health and Beauty Bar we have a variety of lasers to fit your cosmetic needs.

Laser Q&A

Who utilizes laser treatments?

Lasers are used by anyone looking to achieve skin resurfacing, treat vascular lesions, hair removal, and tattoo removal. Depending on your concern, a different type of laser will be used. Here at Genesis Health and Beauty Bar, there is a laser for every concern. 

How often do I need treatments?

This depends on the specific concern you want to address and its severity. This can vary from patient to patient. A consultation with Dr. Aguirre DO will allow her to develop a customized treatment plan for you. We also have laser membership plans available. Call today to learn more.