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Body Contouring services offered in Daphne, AL

Body contouring has become relatively popular recently, although the technology has been around for some time. These procedures are highly sought after due to the fact they have no downtime and are non-invasive. Genesis Health and Beauty Bar offers treatments to burn fat and tone the muscles in the specific body area targeted.

Body Contouring Q&A

How long does this treatment take to complete?

The total treatment time each session is 30 minutes. Most people need on average 3-6 sessions to see results. That is why this service is offered in treatment packages instead of a stand alone service. Dr. Aguirre DO also offers membership packages through her Bodied by Genesis program. 

Who is a candidate for this treatment?

The ideal patient is one who has a realistic BMI and body habitus. If your BMI is too high, or you have fat concentrated in one area more than others, there may be limitations to this treatment. BMI and body habitus can also have an effect on the results a patient sees. Results will vary from patient to patient so Dr. Aguirre DO cannot promise equal results to everyone. An office visit is the easiest way to determine if you are a qualified patient. Request an online appointment or call our office today to schedule a consultation.